SVdP Microloan Program


What is the SVdP (Columbus) Microloan Program?

The St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Microloan Program* provides small dollar, low-interest loans as an alternative to payday loans and to help with one-time emergency expenses that come up in nearly everyone’s life. If you are someone who does not have easy access to personal loans at market interest rates through a bank in your community, consider our loan program to help you get a handle on your debt while building your credit and feeling more secure about your financial future. The St. Vincent de Paul Microloan program in the Columbus Diocese does not assist with monthly bills (car payments, utilities, credit card payment, etc.), and rent or mortgage payments (current, past due, or evictions). We also do not make personal or auto loans.


*At this time, the SVdP (Columbus) Microloan Program is only available to residents of Coshocton, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Hardin, Knox, Licking, Ross, and Union Counties in Ohio.



Eligible Expenses for Loans

One-time Expenses may be:

Car repair

Home repair (for owner occupied homes)

Educational and job related expenses (excludes tuition)

Medical expenses not covered by other means 

One-time security deposit

Help pay off high interest payday and car title loans

Plus: Individuals who obtain a loan are provided with their own credit union account which can be used for direct deposit of paychecks. As a member of the credit union, individuals will also receive all other benefits of credit union membership.

Loan Requirements   

Each potential borrower must provide:

Steady, documented source(s) of income (pay stubs or other proof of income required

Monthly expenses must not exceed monthly income

Ability and willingness to repay the loan

Current form of government issues picture ID (for example, driver's license or state ID)

For emergency expense loans (like home or car repair), a written estimate of the expense from a third party service provider. All loan payments for expenses, if approved, will be made payable directly to the service provider.


What Makes Our Program Different

You are not alone.  Microloans are part of a solution to help individuals return to financial stability.  Microloan recipients obtain a reasonable loan repayment plan especially suited to individual situations.  In many instances, The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul provides information about other resources that an individual may need. 

Every person who borrows money through the SVdP Microloan program will be invited to participate in free Financial Workshops that are facilitated by a financial coach. The workshops may be offered in person or online and will cover a variety of financial topics designed to help you.

Borrowers will be provided with information on other community resources, such as free tax preparation, how to avoid the trap of high-interest refund anticipation loans, improving your credit score, and how to avoid financial scams. Likewise, if an individual encounters a barrier to loan repayment, Microloan leaders in each county will work with our borrowers to help find solutions for a successful loan repayment and restored financial stability. We are able to provide you with a loan because others before you have repaid their loans.


Applying for a Microloan

Complete the prescreening application

Prepare for a conversation with leaders from your County St. Vincent de Paul Microloan Program about your eligibility for the loan. They will ask you questions about your monthly income and expenses as well as engage with you in a discussion about your financial goals.

Learn more about loans by playing a financial education game called "Borrowing Basics" on the FDIC website "How Money Smart Are You?"  Step-by-step instructions to sign up for an online account on the FDIC website are located here. Please link your account to St. Vincent de Paul, Columbus as described in the instructions so we know you completed the game.

After meeting with you and reviewing your completed application, the loan program leaders will let you know if you are eligible for a loan. They will make arrangements with you and the local credit union for an appointment to close on the loan.

You will receive information from your local Microloan leaders about the financial workshops that are offered in your County. These workshops, offered online or in person depending on your county, provide you with a financial coach who will review basic financial information with you and will talk about what you hope to learn. We strongly urge all our borrowers to participate because those who do have experienced improved credit scores and opened up other opportunities for them.

If you are interested in more information about microloan eligibility, please contact your local St. Vincent de Paul Conference in the Columbus Diocese in Coshocton, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Hardin, Knox, Licking, Ross, and Union Counties only. For a list of contact information, please see

Be sure to read our newsletter, Microloan Musings. The newsletter is our way of sharing some of our success stories and other news about our program. Check out our first two editions (pre-COVID publications) here.

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You can also request general information about the program at [email protected]