St. Vincent de Paul Resources

Voice of the Poor Resources:

The Voice of the Poor website has a wide variety of training materials that can be used by individuals, conferences or councils to learn more about Voice of the Poor and our mission. You will find important topics like those listed below on the Society's website:


Advocacy 101: Learn how being an advocate for and with the poor has been a part of our history as the Society from the beginning.

Catholic Social Teaching from a Vincentian Lens


Predatory Lending and Self-Sufficient Wages

Spirituality of Advocacy

Webinars (you will need to use Adobe Connect to access the webinars) with corresponding PowerPoint presentations are available in a variety of topics including:

Fight Poverty - Vote

Grassroots Voice of the Poor Advocacy

Growing the Voice of the Poor

Immigration Reform 

Pay Day and Predatory Lending

Response to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's proposed regulations (2016)

Restorative Justice

Shoulder to Shoulder Advocacy

Strengthening the Financial Well-Being of Those We Serve 


There is even a Council Manual from Fall River Central Council that you can use for reference.

St. Vincent de Paul Position Papers

Position papers from the Society are "rooted in our Catholic faith" an articulate where the Society stands on issues that affect those we serve. Also included in the papers are frequently asked questions that help look at the often conflicting messages we hear about the issues and/or additional background information as well as references to help us become more knowledgeable advocates for and with the poor. Each position paper includes a letter from the Vincentian president who was in office at the time of paper was issued. The position paper on immigration has recently been updated and a draft of the hunger position paper is currently online. Over time, all papers will be updated.

VoterVoice Advocacy

VoterVoice is an online tool that you can use to send advocacy messages to legislators (federal and in some cases state representatives), to voice your support or concern for certain legislative bills. Organizers from St. Vincent also use VoterVoice to inform us of issues that require our attention and VoterVoice is used to provide us with sample letters to send to our representatives. We are asked to add stories of the people we serve in our letters to help our legislators know how real people are being impacted by current laws and proposed legislation. While we never share the identities of the people we serve, we do share how they are impacted by current policy if we can help improve the laws that impact their well-being.

Voice of the Poor Advocacy Guide

Because we visit those we serve in their homes and we develop a one-on-one relationship with them, we are in a unique position to hear about those personal and systemic issues that might be keeping those we serve in poverty. We are also in a unique position to ask those living in poverty to share their experiences to help improve

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