Funeral Fund

Mission One of the corporal works of mercy is "Bury the Dead." In our society, burying the dead is expensive. In our Diocese many people die leaving absolutely nothing. We provide partial funding of funeral and burial costs for our neighbors in need whose family and friends cannot afford any arrangements approaching a dignified treatment of the remains. 

Location The fund is administered by St. Andrew St. Vincent de Paul Conference

Eligibility requirements: Referrals are required. Most of the referrals come from J.O.I.N. although a few come from Vincentian conferences. Almost all referrals concern deaths in Central Ohio, however a few referrals are made by conferences outside Central Ohio. The City of Columbus pays a funeral home $750.00 to dispose of a body by cremation or transport to a medical school. However, except for some legal paperwork, the $750.00 pays for nothing more than the disposal of the remains.

Method of operation: J.O.I.N. collaborates with funeral homes in Columbus's Inner City to have very simple arrangements which are a bit more than the mere disposal of the remains for which the city will pay: an urn for the family and perhaps a brief service. The funeral homes have been generous in providing these very simple arrangements which cost between $900.00 and $1000.00. J.O.I.N. works with families, friends and charities to gather funds for these more respectful arrangements. The Vincentian contribution, through J.O.I.N., is $200.00 and occasionally $400.00 when the deceased is a member of a parish.

Current and continuing needs: The fund is in need of donations to continue this service. In 2022, we helped 88 families; in 2023, we assisted 110 families. Requests for assistance are continuing to outpace previous years. Your prayerful consideration of a donation to support funerals for these families, who are struggling financially, is appreciated.

Please send donations to:

St. Andrew SVDP
Attn: SVDP Funeral Fund
1899 McCoy Rd 
Columbus OH 43220