Society of St. Vincent de Paul - Columbus Ohio


The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is a network of friends inspired by Gospel values, growing in holiness
and building a more just world through personal relationships with and service to people in need.
~ The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Mission


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is concerned not only with alleviating the needs of our neighbors but also with identifying those structures, societal and legislative, that cause and perpetuate poverty. This mission manifests itself in the Society’s admonition to “End Poverty Through Systemic Change.” This site serves as a hub for the Society’s charitable works to help our neighbors in need as well as the systemic change and advocacy programs sponsored by the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Diocesan Council of Columbus.  


The Society is best known for helping our neighbors in need during times of emergency through our assistance programs.  Currently, program methods are adjusted to protect the health of volunteers, staff, neighbors in need and communities.   A team of members engage neighbors in a discussion about their needs and to help whenever possible to alleviate the immediate crisis. We also refer them to appropriate community support services for like food pantries, meal programs, and free clothing stores.


If you are visiting our site because you have a need for which we might help, please contact us by phone at 614-221-3554 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Or visit our conference web page to find the St. Vincent de Paul Conference closest to you.


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In addition to our emergency support, the Society is also involved in programs that are designed to bring about structural changes in our communities and in the lives of our neighbors withsystemic change programs.Programs like Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' By World, a 16-week workshop for those who are under-resourced that helps increase participant awareness of and access to community resources. This series of workshops also helps them identify obstacles to getting ahead and strategies for working around those obstacles. The Society also operates a Microloan Program  in 9 counties to offer low-interest loans to our neighbors who would otherwise not have access to affordable loans through banks or credit unions. 

The Vincentian Ohio Action Network was formed in 2014 as an independent 501c3 to develop community led organizing programs launched and led by people directly experiencing poverty and marginalization. We have projects in five Central Ohio Counties and we have become leaders in Ohio on criminal justice reforms as a result of the stories, research, and passion of the local community to engage on this issue.

In 2017, we collaborated with the Diocese of Columbus Office for Social Concerns and the Catholic Foundation to launch ARCH  (Accompanying Returning Citizens with Hope) to help educate congregations and encourage increase participation to aid persons returning from incarceration and their families. he local programs on the ground that are working on reentry issues in the same fashion that ARCH has established in the Central Ohio area.

Take the time to explore our web site to learn about the programs we offer in our communities as well as the opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development that we offer our members.

"The Society (of St. Vincent de Paul)  is concerned not only with alleviating need but also with identifying the unjust structures that cause it.  It is, therefore, committed to identifying the root causes of poverty and to contributing to their elimination.  In all its charitable actions there should be a search for justice; in its struggle for justice, the Society must keep in mind the demands of charity." (SVdP Rule - Part 1:7.1)