SVDP Columbus Systemic Change Programs

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is concerned not only with alleviating need but also with identifying those structures, societal and legislative, that cause and perpetuate poverty. This mission manifests itself in the Society’s admonition to “End Poverty Through Systemic Change.” This site serves as a hub for the systemic change and advocacy programs sponsored by the Society of St. Vincent De Paul Diocese of Columbus.  

Our programs including the Vincentian Ohio Action Network, which was formed in 2014 as an independent 501c3 designed to develop independent organizing programs designed and led by people directly experiencing poverty and marginalization. We have projects in five Central Ohio Counties and we have become leaders in Ohio on criminal justice reforms.

We also run a microloan program that operated in 5 counties to offer low-interest loans to the community as alternatives to predatory lending. This work was featured in the Columbus Dispatch and NPR.


 "The Society (of St. Vincent de Paul)  is concerned not only with alleviating need but also with identifying the unjust structures that cause it.  It is, therefore, committed to identifying the root causes of poverty and to contributing to their elimination.  In all its charitable actions there should be a search for justice; in its struggle for justice, the Society must keep in mind the demands of charity." (Part 1:7.1)