Reentry Community Resources

Additional Reentry Resources Guides for Columbus/Central Ohio (Multi-Issue)

Call 2-1-1 or visit to reach thousands of social service, government and community resources in Central Ohio to meet any need.

Central Ohio Restored Citizen Collaborative - helps highlight various reentry collaboration events and resources. They also have an updated 2019 resource guide of services that help people coming home from incarceration.

First Step Friday - A reentry resource fair is held on the first Friday of every month from 10 am - 12:30 pm at 1111 E. Broad St., Columbus. This event is like a "one-stop-shop" for reentry services. Click here for more information.

Franklin County Reentry Coalition - resources for reentry in Franklin County including food, housing, and shelter, identification, clothing, transportation, job training, healthcare, public benefits, etc. information-

The State of Ohio, Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) M.U.S.C.L.E. program - ODRC's  Reentry website contains many resources, including your ability to apply for a Certificate of Achievement and Employability to present to potential employers.

Netcare's Mental Health Crisis Line - (614-276-2273)  or online at



Central Ohio Recovery Residences Network - an online database of recovery & sober houses, and treatment resources in Central Ohio- 

Shelter Intake for Homelessness - 24/7 intake for single men/women and homeless families is done over the phone by HandsOn Central Ohio. Call 888.474.3587 for intake.



Transportation for Families of Incarcerated Ohioans to Prison - The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is encouraging all community partners that are willing to transport families of the incarcerated to facility events and visitation to join and participate in the ODRC facilitated Facebook page, Transportation Information for Families of Incarcerated Ohioans. Connect here: Transportation Information for_Families of Incarcerated Ohioans or visit For more information on how to post a transportation opportunity to the page, click here.

Shuttle Bus to Adult Parole Authority / ODRC New Building for Public Transit Users -  "4545 Fisher Express" is a free shuttle service for APA clients who use public transportation to get to the Columbus Adult Parole Authority office, located at 4545 Fisher Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43228. Pick up and drop off is at the COTA Bus Stop (Stop lD 2635) on westbound W. Broad Street near Lechner
Avenue (in front of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, located at 1970 W. Broad Street, Columbus OH 43223). This location is on the #L0 COTA route which travels east and west and stops every L0-L5 minutes throughout the day. For a handout with details, click here.


Record Sealing / CQE's / Legal

Eligibility and Self Advocacy - What does it mean to get my criminal record sealed? What about “expungement”? Where do I begin? Click here for Ohio Justice and Policy Center's Overview of the basics and eligibility requirements, click here for a simple handout on the process, and get OJPC’s full criminal records manual here. (For victim's of human trafficking, click here)

Certificate of Qualification for Employment -A Certificate of Qualification for Employment, or a “CQE,” is given by the Court to a person with a criminal conviction to help remove barriers to finding a job. The CQE was created in 2012 and allows employers and licensing boards to hire or award professional licenses to people who were not legally allowed to do certain jobs under the old law.  Now, an applicant who has a CQE must be given individual consideration by an employer or licensing board.   Additionally, an employer who hires an applicant with a CQE is protected against claims of negligent hiring. Click here for more information

CIVICC - This website provides an online database and search tools for anyone who wants to learn more about the collateral consequences of a conviction in Ohio. Using these tools, You can look up a criminal offense or type of offense, and find out what legal barriers are likely to apply in addition to the court-imposed sentence. You can look up a particular right or privilege of Ohio citizens, and find out what types of criminal convictions might block a convicted person from enjoying it. You can search for all the legal side effects of a certain type, such as all the barriers to employment in a particular field.

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CATCH Court - Learn more about Franklin Counties CATCH Court, which assists victims of human trafficking that are involved in the justice system. Click here.