The ARCH Accompaniment Program provides:

1) A practical and spiritual orientation session for parishes and interested members about helping a person who is returning from prison on their journey returning back to the community; 

2) Consultation with volunteers to discuss the various accompaniment programs and identify the one that's right for you, and

3) Linkage to a reentry program needing volunteers to assist with mentoring/accompanying - this includes programs that operate inside men and women's prisons, as well as accompaniment that occurs once a person has been released.


Note: ARCH volunteers will not be expected to help someone directly with money, housing or employment. Volunteers will be providing more moral and spiritual support - a listening ear and a safe person. Accompanying also may include help linking an individual to service agencies or reentry resources in the community.


If you would like more information about what accompaniment partners we have available, or to arrange training at your parish please contact Vanita at