Think Tanks on Poverty


R3 Think Tank -Rehabilitation, Restoration and Redemption (formerly RCC4C) -  VOAN is building the leadership and voices of those impacted by incarceration and the criminal justice system to help bring change. We build coalitions for to help end mass incarceration, bring formerly incarcerated and impacted families to the table where change is made, and to work towards a more humane and restorative approach to criminal justice in Ohio.  

The Think Tanks on Poverty are made up of community members who have experienced poverty and barriers in obtaining sustainable work, safe housing, and accessible transportation.  Focus areas currently include reentry and criminal justice reform, access to fair and sustainable housing, in-reach and navigation for returning citizens, and organizing for more access and better treatment availability for those with addictions and substance use disorders.

We are also developing contacts in Mt. Vernon and Johnstown. If you are interested in working with us in those areas, please contact Lesha at



ARCH -  The "Accompanying Returning Citizens with Hope" Ministry is a collaboration between VOAN and the Diocesan Office for Social Concerns. ARCH is focused on raising awareness about the criminal justice system and equipping and mobilizing Catholics and local parishes for accompaniment, hiring, and awareness raising in the community.  (Multi-County)

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