Resources for LEAF Facilitators and Diocesan Representatives


Introduction Packet for Interested Parishes

LEAF Introduction Letter- This letter describes what steps are needed to launch a LEAF program at your parish. This is for interested leaders in the parish.

LEAF Roles and Responsibilities - Descriptions about the LEAF model, including the role of the LEAF Parish Ministry Leader and the role of the Diocesan Representative for LEAF. This page also includes a signature page for the LEAF Parish Ministry Leader.


Training Materials & Report Sheet for Leaf Ministry Parish Ministry Leaders  

LEAF Facilitator Training This is the powerpoint presentation for training facilitators.

LEAF Monthly Report Template - This reporting sheet should be filled and turned in by Parish Ministry Leaders to the Diocesan Parish Representative to update regularly on the status of the group.


Additional Materials to Assist LEAF Groups

Strengthening Bonds and Creating Connections 3rd Edition -  (Answers to the difficult questions children ask about their incarcerated loved ones) - This is a resource book produces by Bog Brothers Big Sisters and ODRC for parents and caregivers to assist in working with children impacted by a loved one's incarceration.


Promotional Fliers for LEAF Meetings

General Flier - This flier can be used in community spaces, bulletin boards, in prisons etc. to promote LEAF. It includes Columbus and Cleveland information.

Corpus Cristi LEAF Flier - This flier has meeting information for the Corpus Cristi Meeting specifically in Columbus. Can be used for targeted promotion related to that meeting.

St. John Neumann LEAF Flier - (Sunbury) - This flier has meeting information for the SJN Meeting specifically in Sunbury. Can be used for targeted promotion related to that meeting.