Getting Ahead Workshops

Getting Ahead is a sixteen-week class for hard-working, under-resourced people to help them to
expand their available options for the future story of their choosing.

During each class, participants, called Investigators

  • Look at their current situation and the community issues affecting banking, housing, jobs and transportation.
  • Build on their available resources.
  • Begin to define their future story.
  • Learn concepts and tools that help them and their community.

Getting Ahead Investigators

  • Want to improve their current life circumstances.
  • May have tried before on their own and have not yet been successful.
  • Are willing to work with trained facilitators and organizations.
  • Participate in all 16 workshops and make up work if a session is missed.

The Getting Ahead Workshop Experience

  • A group of six to twelve investigators meet weekly with their facilitators.  Each workshop lasts for three hours, including a one-hour community meal and a two-hour investigation session.
  • The Getting Ahead book and all necessary course materials are provided.
  • The community meal is provided.
  • A $25 gift card is awarded to investigators for their work at each session. 

Apply for the workshops

Together, there is hope for a better tomorrow.